LE Translation Services: Interpretation, translation and conference language services
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Our Services include Translation, Interpretation, Localization, other language-related services and on-site services.

We offer Specialized Translation and On-Site Interpretation for:

» Conferences
» Seminars
» Workshops

» Depositions
» Hearings
» Trials

» Medical Related Cases
» Legal and Technical
   Document Translating

» Cultural Training
» Language Instructions
» Employee Orientations

» Proofreading
» Editing
» Voice-overs
» Sub-titles

… and many more

Interpreting Services:
All of our Interpreting Services are provided by the professional Interpreters, native speakers of foreign language, with broad experience in the field of Interpretation. Our services are performed with high degree of quality. The majority of our interpreters are highly qualified in their field of expertise. Interpreting Services can be provided in all languages anywhere in the world.

Translation Services:
All of our translation services, from any language into English and vice versa, guarantee the complete, technically, linguistically and culturally accurate rendition of the source fake rolex material into the required foreign language. As a result, balanced, clear and idiomatically correct translation is achieved which is presented as a flawless final product. Translations follow the format and/or layout of the original and look like exact copy just in different language.

On-Site Services
There are instances when you need an expert on cultural and language topics in your office. We can arrange it thanks to our pool of experienced linguists and translators. If we do not have the right specialist available locally, we can arrange to have the appropriate individual travel to your location. We make sure that you have the expertise you need to fulfill your on-site language needs.


For more information about our services: 845.621-1379.
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