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"As a forensic psychiatric hospital under the auspices of the New York State Office of Mental Health, LE Translation Services has demonstrated their competency by providing interpreters that are knowledgeable about mental health issues, sensitive to our patient population, and thoroughly immersed in what they do and how they do it. In a 'nutshell' they do a superior job.

Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center provides services for a diverse population. Often these patients do not have the ability to understand or speak the English language. LE Translation Services has provided us with skilled interpreters who have translated difficult legal terminology for the patients, and provided our clinical staff with critical information in order that we can clearly understand the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

The unique skill that the interpreters have is their ability to relate to the patients and make them feel comfortable and secure in a new environment. Our patients have come from New York City, Asia, Russia, Latin America, and the Caribbean Islands. Many of the patients speak various dialects, i.e., Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Thai, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and many other languages that I'm sure I'm leaving out. But the point I am making is that LE Translation Services has met our requests and expectations often on a short notice, regardless of how difficult or unique the language many be--a challenge that is not often met by other language services. In addition, the agency has provided our patients with sign language services and have translated many of our clinical documents into a language specific to an individual patient.

LE Translations has been a true asset for our hospital. The costs are fair and reasonable, and benefits are truly exceptional. The agency has respected the privacy and confidentiality of our patient population and their value to our staff and patients far exceeded our expectations. I strongly recommend them to any agency or human service entity who requires quality and excellent interpreting services."
--Everett L. Person, Manager of Language Services,
Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center

"Dear Ludmila: We received the attached letter from our client, Cade, Saunders & Persing and thought you would like to have a copy. It is indeed a rare event when a client, an attorney is so impressed by one of our professional's performance that time is taken to address a letter of thanks and commendation. I cannot adequately thank you for your obviously impressive skills and I assure you, when we get a letter like Mr. Persing's, we too commend you with our highest respects."
--H. William Vadney, Director, Operations/Quality Assurance,
BioMediTech Associates & Consultants

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to write a letter or recommendation for Ms. Ludmila Lantsuta-Davis. She held the position of Language Agent for the Shooting competition at the Wolf Creek Venue for the Atlanta Commitee for the Olympic Games. She was an outstanding member of the Language Services Department. She did an excellent job providing linguistic support in Polish and Russian for the above mentioned sport through her participation in press conferences, staging and preparation for finals and ceremonies, and many other situations which called for her interpreting skills. In fact, Ms. Lantsuta-Davis proved herself to be a superb, professional interpreter in high profile situations. For instance, she was the official interpreter at a press conference for the first gold medalist of the 1996 Olympics.

I was especially impressed with her ability to manage multiple tasks, not only the many responsibilities that being a Language Agent imposes, but the maintenance of her professional and personal commitments as well. Her dedication was proven by the long hours that she put in to ensure the success of Atlanta's hosting of the Summer Olympic Games. Moreover, the professional way in which she handled the many and diverse international situations that confronted her was commendable. As her manager at the time, many coaches and athletes of teams with whom she was working closely approached me to express their gratitude and appreciation for the professional work Ms. Lantsuta-Davis provided for them.

I was pleased with the way Ms. Lantsuta-Daivs quickly established herself as a vital member of the Language Services team with whom she interacted so critically. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors and would welcome the chance to collaborate with her again. I would enjoy the opportunity to speak on behalf of Ms. Ludmila Lantsuta-Davis should she ever need my reference.
Katherine A. Kerns, Venue Language Services Manager,
Languages Services Department,
The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games

"I wanted to express my appreciation of the excellent work provided by the interpreter during the course of the examination before trial on February 13. Her work was the best I encountered so far, and thus her interpretive skills made my work go well and easily."
--Daniel J. Persing, Cade, Sunders & Persino, Attorneys & Counselors at Law

"We wish to advise that it has been a pleasure working with the L.E. Translation Services, owned by Ludmila Lantsuta Davis since 1996. During this time, the Agency has consistently provided reliable and highly professional services, at times, with very short notice. Ms. Davis, and her staff have been used to translate for our Forensic and Civil patients where appropriate for Clinical Evaluations, Team Meetings, Family Meetings and other activities as indicated. As you know, this can be an extremely challenging and difficult task, requiring the services of highly qualified professional interpreters. Staff here has been very pleased with L.E. Translation Services in meeting all our demands for a translation service. Interpreters sent from this agency have been sensitive with a good understanding of subject matter and medical terminology which are very important in these assignments. It is my understanding that all the interpreters are certified interpreters for the New York State Unified Court System and are native speakers of the required foreign language. In summary, business with L.E. Translation Services has been cost effective as well as rewarding in quality, reliability and availability.
--Generva Clement, CSW, ACSW, Forensic Coordinator,
Kingsboro Psychiatric Center

"The Brewster Village Court has been using LE Translation Services since 2001. The interpreters have always been well qualified and dependable. There have been no problems getting an interpreter for any language needed. We have been very pleased with Ludmila Davis and her translation services and will continue to use her services in the future."
--Jean Macli, Court Clerk, Brewster Village Court

"For the past three years, Ludmila has been able to expedite my requests quickly and professionally. She would be a great asset to your organization."
--Ann Carey, Court Clerk, Monroe Justice Court

"...my firm has utilized the translation services of LE Translation Services for several years now and nothing but praise for their availability, punctuality, professionalism and availability...we will continue to use LE Translation Services at every opportunity we can and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing the very best in professional translation services."
--Keith S. Harriton, Harriton & Furrer, LLP, Attorneys & Counselors at Law

"Based on the quality and character those interpreters supplied by the agency, I would enthusiastically recommend them to any office requiring translation or interpretation services."
--Robert A. Peirce, Robert Peirce & Associates

"LE Translation Services has constantly met and exceeded all of our expectations. The company is responsive to all of our needs in that they are prompt, efficient, and professional. They are always available and courteously respond even in situations where we provide little or no notice."
--Joseph J. Tock, Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock

"Thank you for your hard work in supporting Peaceshield '97. Your professionalism combined with your outstanding skill as an interpreter was key to the success of our exercise...As the California National Guard continues to develop its partnership with Ukraine, I hope that we have the opportunity to work with you again."
--Guido J. Portante Jr., Brigadier General Exercise Director

"Your commitment to Ukraine's democracy and her citizen's right to a free and fair election has not gone unnoticed...Without your personal contribution to monitor the election process, the vote may not have been as transparent as it was, and more importantly, the Ukrainian people many not have been able to freely choose their next president. Please accept this letter as a sincere acknowledgement of our gratitude for all your efforts in this historic time for Ukraine.
--from the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc.

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